Saudi National Gay Hustler Acquitted In NYC Gay Sex Assault Trial

27-year-old Saudi national Naief Al-mateiry has been acquitted after a trial during which prosecutors alleged he sexually assaulted a 69-year-old man he met outside the Townhouse, a gay bar on East 58th Street.

Al-mateiry was aquitted of kidnapping and rape brought by a 79 year-old freelance consultant who says he was beaten, held captive and repeatedly sodomized in his own west 90s apartment during a gay-date rape from hell 14 months ago. “Al-mateiry didn’t testify but his lawyer claimed he was just a gigolo and the case amounted to ‘rough sex for money between two consenting adults.'”

Both sides agree the two men met at the upscale, east side piano bar Townhouse on a winter night in 2009. The Townhouse, owned by gay nightlife mogul Bob DeBenedictis, describes itself “as a gay bar that appreciates older gentlemen of exquisite taste along with those who admire them.” (It’s a upscale hustler bar.)

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