Republican California State Assemblyman And Ex- Marine Nathan Fletcher Gives Impassioned Speech To Repeal DADT

The California State Assembly voted 51-17 to approve a resolution urging President Obama to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy yesterday. 

Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher was one of two Republicans (the other was Anthony Adams) who voted in support of the resolution. He also delivered some excellent remarks.

It’s a great speech and it’s good to hear a Republican call for the DADT repeal but lets keep it in perspective.  Fletcher is still opposed to gay marriage. He even voted against honoring Harvey Milk. And gets a 29% rating from Equality California, much worse than the worst Democrat.  We boys do have a tendency to cream themselves over a pretty men like Fletcher who says nice things about gays without even looking at the whole picture.

So where Fletchers speech is good, and he is truly fuckable, REMEMBER he is still NOT REALLY our friend.

What do you think?

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