The Pentagon Is Spending 4.4 Million To Outsource Questions Of Soldiers On DADT

Ah, your Goverment tax dollars at work.
Since the Pentagon wouldn’t grant immunit (!) to gay soldiers who are currently serving who want to speak up about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell during their silly 10-month review, (You know how like they ASKED every soildiers opinions on if African American or women could serve before they decied) so they’re spending MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to hire an outside firm to do the quizzing.

Yes, that’s the world we live in under the byzantine rules of DADT.

The Pentagon is hiring Westat, “a Maryland research firm with experience surveying military communities,” to quiz some 350,000 military servicemembers and their families, which includes The Gays. It’s a comprehensive survey, where they’ll “gather the views of troops of all ranks, including officer and enlisted personnel, young and old, married and unmarried, and those serving in different types of units, from combat to medicine.” And it will cost taxpayers $4.4 million.

Just take a moment to think about this: Because federal legislators created a law forbidding gay soldiers from being openly about their sexuality, and these legislators are now considering killing the law, the taxpayer-funded Pentagon must now pay someone else to see whether gay soldiers want the law repealed. It’s not just a logic fail; it’s a policy fail.

The ultimate policy fail, of course, comes from the notion that servicemembers (and their families!!) should even have a say in the matter. Even if the survey results come back showing overwhelming military support for repealing DADT, the decision to repeal should be made because it’s the right thing to do ethically, and the right thing to do for national security.

Only in America kids.

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