NFL Teams Pushing The Boundries During Draft Asking Players If They Are "Gay"

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins says that during last month’s NFL draft, one pro football team asked him whether he was straight or gay.

“The only unusual question I got was if I was straight or gay,” said Atkins. “ suggests the exchange reflects a broader practice of asking players about their sexual orientation:

“Unfortunately, Atkins didn’t say what his answer was. Either way, you have to assume it’s not just one team asking, or that Atkins was the only one asked.”

News of the sexual orientation interrogation follows other reports about NFL draft questions that push the boundaries of what’s appropriate. Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland asked wide receiver Dez Bryant whether his mother, who is a lesbian, was ever a prostitute.

So it seems that football still operates with a good ‘ol boy, knuckle dragging neanderthal mentality and still completely homophobic. You know, like back in the 50’s, where they’d say all gay men are fruits, sissies and pedophiles. I’m almost sure they don’t want any of their players coming out or supporting gays. It’s going to take some pro player and a huge monster lawsuit against them to force teams and managers to change their ways, or at least their rhetoric and questions.

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