Meet Homophobic Christian Hate Monger George Rekers’ Rentboy, "Lucien"

As we picked up on it yesterday, the Miami New Times has a really fucking annoying article out today in which they report on how right wing whack job George Rekers (an anti-gay activist and, of course, a Baptist minister) hired a hooker from Rentboy to accompany him on a recent holiday in Europe.  New Times refused to ID “Lucien” the escort, and instead only gives subtle hints about his appearance and location. Well that’s aight, New Times, because Unzipped worked it out!

Using the search parameters that the New Times hinted at in its article this is the “pro-boy” that Rekers took to Europe. He’s “blond,” “slender,” and has the same verbiage in his profile that the paper quotes (“will do anything as long you ask first”). None of the other 75 escorts in Miami matched up like he did. He also has an 8-inch uncut cock, but so does every escort in Miami.

The biggest tell, however, came from the breadcrumb that the New Times left: that “Lucien” was the same age as Rekers’ 20-year-old son. (Ewwwwww)

So Ladies, Gentelmen and everything in between,  MEET Rentboy -Boynextdoor/Geo! (Whose profile at has since been deleted.)

So Rekers, how much DOES it cost for ten days with a barely legal, hairless, blond, hung, uncut, bisexual Puerto Rican twink who is happy to spank you and shove it up your gelatinous vile bigoted ass?

What do you think?

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