Homo Say What? – Peter (Meter) Sprigg of the Family Research Council: ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ Repeal Paves Way for ‘Gay Free-Rape Zone’

Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at the FRC, and Ted Haggard look-a-like  Peter (Meter) Sprigg, told reporters.  He said that in 2009, 8.2% of sexual assaults in the military were perpetrated by gays. The most common type of gay attack, according to Sprigg, is “one in which the offender fondles or performs oral sex on a sleeping victim.”  (No mention of the 92.8 percent perpetrated by hetersexuals though)

In a number of these cases the victim was sleeping or intoxicated,” he replied. “Under those circumstances, their memory may be clouded and so the evidence may not be strong enough to stand up in a court-martial and actually prove guilt on a charge of forcible sodomy for example. Nevertheless, something inappropriate may have happened…and the victim will think twice about coming forth.”

Perhaps The Family Research Council should conduct another study: What is the likelihood of being “”homosexually assaulted” by a male member of the Family Research Council – and specifically by Peter Sprigg himself – relative to the general population.

What do you think?

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