Homo Say What? – Her High Holiness Archbishop Janis Pujats: "Homosexuality is not a sexual orientation; it is a sexual perversion."

“We must assert that homosexuality is an acquired vice that can be likened to addiction to drugs, alcoholism, tobacco smoking, etc., so that those who practice it cannot be treated as a ‘minority.’ We must say that sexual perversion cannot be tolerated in the public sphere so that this disorder is not turned into a bad example for all society. If someone has inclinations to vice, vice must be reined in and treated. It cannot be legalized or protected, erroneously invoking the notion of human rights. Homosexuality is not a sexual orientation; it is a sexual perversion.” – Archbishop of Latvia, Janis Pujats, speaking to the American Catholic nutters, the Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property.

Oh thats rich!  Especically since Archbishop Janis Pujats is part of the Catholic Church in Latvia which is presently embroiled in a molestation scandal in which a former Catholic priest is accused of abusing numerous orphan boys at a school for the mentally handicapped.

Fuck you Mary Janis!

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