Homo Say What – Defense Sec. Robert Gates: My Way Of Repealing DADT Is "Smart" Everyone Else’s Is A "Stupid Way To Do Change" (Video)

Defense Sec. Robert Gates says that hiw way of of going abouit the DADT repeal process by asking everyone and thier mother if it’s okay is “smart” and everyone else’s way is the “stupid way to do change.” Gates keps insisting on asking service personnel about whether repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell makes them feel bad or sad, or thinking about the things that they never had.

Perhaps someone should put Gates in the “way back time machine” and take him back 62 years so he could see if the then-president asked around to see if white soldiers were okay with integrating their units with blacks, or vice versa.

Funny but last time I checked, our military is not a democracy. It was a job. You are given orders and you follow them. Are soldiers going to get to vote on every command decision now?

What do you think?

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