Gay Website PUMA Claims Obama And Rahm Emanuel Visited Chicago Bathhouse Man’s Country

Man’s Country

(Just so you know PUMA, stands for Party Unity My Ass, the derisive expression created by those who refused to accept that Hillary Clinton did not win the 2008 Democratic nomination.)

HillBuzz, the Hillary Clinton PUMA site founded by Kevin DuJan, has got the wingnut blogosphere all a dither over a claim that some mysterious MSM journalist is at last investigating the claim that the president and Rahm Emanuel were once regular patrons of the Chicago-area bathhouse, Man’s Country.

This has to be cloak-and-dagger for the time being, because though we’ve not been sworn to secrecy on the project, we’re not at liberty to talk in depth about what we did yesterday, which was in response to one of the occasional requests we get from members of the media for background info on stories they’re doing. Normally, it’s foreign journalists who get in touch with us when they’re in Chicago and want to go to the Southside to see how terrible it is, and talk about how Obama did absolutely jack squat for it as either a state senator or US Senator, and hasn’t used any of his particular brand of unicorn horn magic to improve it (or the black community residing there) since the illustrious Golden Age of Hope and Change began on January 20th, 2009. But, this time it was a US reporter who wanted information on Man’s Country in Andersonville, which is a place both Obama and Rahm Emanuel frequented in the past. Obama until 2002 or so, and Emanuel through 2008, according to what we’ve been told. We spent a good amount of time on the ground in Uptown, Boystown, Andersonville, and Hyde Park yesterday with this reporter, also telling him everything we knew about Trinity United Church of Christ and the Down-Low Club it operated under Jeremiah Wright’s supervision/matchmaking.

Now see I could see Rahm doing that. It would go a long way to explain his homophobia and he is arrogant enough to go to a bathhouse without worrying about getting caught.  I see Obama more at the world famous Bijou Cinema and I think Rahm would be more of a North Avenue baths kind of guy, with those hairy, old eastern european guys – and some politicos, like the Jacksons thrown in to boot.  LOL

Ah PUMA, they make the birthers seem almost legitimate

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