Gay Huntertown, Indiana Man Murdered At Party (Video)

According to court documents filed in Allen Superior Court Monday, Michalik and Jerry Lee Chambers, were at a party at Brian Paul Brothers’ house Sunday morning when the two were beaten up by Brothers. Chambers told police they were beaten because they were gay. He said Brothers had punched and kicked Michalik in the face, head and body multiple times as he tried to get Michalik out of his home. Chambers said, ‘At one point I played dead’ and could hear Brothers kicking Michalik in the ribs. He said while this was going on, he could hear the air coming out of Michalik. In the probable cause affidavit, Brothers admitted that he did punch and kick both Chambers and Michalik multiple times with his hands and feet. He said he started hitting them after Michalik pushed him. Brothers stated, ‘It was an all out altercation.’ Brothers also said he ended up helping Chambers carry Michalik, who was unresponsive at the time, out of his house and to the grass in the front. He said that’s when he left the two men and went back into the house without calling for help from police or medical personnel.

Another witness at the party says that “the fight started, because the two men were making advances at other people attending the party and refused to leave Brothers’ home.”

Brothers is being charged with aggravated battery!!! WFT??!

He beat a man to DEATH!   Why is he not charged with murder?!

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