Teabagger Channel Will Launch This Summer Because Fox News Just Isn’t Batshit Crazy Enough (Video)

Kelsey Grammer and Comcast are among the big names backing The RightNetwork, a new network that will  “focus on entertainment with Pro-America, Pro-Business, Pro-Military sensibilities.” They’ve even been embedded with the Tea Party in preparation for a launch this summer.. The following is not, apparently, satire. Right Network, says the host as part of a victimhood-reinforcing speech, is “for people who break their backs paying more than their fair share of taxes,” more specifically those “that live in what they call flyover country and what we call America.”

Grammar who is now the star of the Broadway drag extravaganza La Cage Aux Folles, who owns multiple homes in Malibu, California and Bridgehampton, New York, has had had a sex scandle, doesn’t pay alimony, had a bit of a cocaine problem, ALLEGEDLY is a deeply closeted bi-sexual who tries to pick up guys while walking his dog in Malibu, and who’s hit show “Frasier”, was a show that no tea bagger would be caught dead watching; partly because they couldn”t understand the jokes unless they came with a fucking manual to explain them is the PERFECT spokesthing.

What do you think?

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