Pilgrims Covenant Church Starts "Homo Fascist Watch" – OH, PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!

The Pilgrim Covenant Chuch of Monroe, WI is run by “Pastor” Ralph Ovadal, a former beer truck driver and sheep herder (really!) (the mailing address and meeting hall at one time was a shed on Ovadal’s farm). Anything in the form of negative response, is claimed to be “violent persecution” of Christians. At one of Ovadal’s Truth Forums in the early 90’s one smartass lesbian shouted “Bring back the lions!” He used that line for almost a decade to “prove” the “violent homosexual intent” toward his ministry.

Ovadal got his start in the late 80’s by blowing up pictures of aborted fetuses to 8′ in size and then picketing with the placards on street corners and then everything from women’s health conferences his sideline rants on homosexuality grew as legislative efforts by more politically-savvy right-wing “family” organizations like the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin intensified in the 1990’s. A shameless self-promoter, he was ready to jump in front of very TV camera and mic whenever the opportunity arose.  Ovadal’s over the top rhetoric regularly refers to “sodomites” and “homo fascists,” which have led many to refer to him as Wisconsin’s Fred Phelps, a moniker at which he bristles. “Fred Phelps Lite” would be more appropriate I guess.

So now we Ovadel and his shed/chuch give us the “Homo Fascist Watch”

The purpose of Homo-Fascist Watch is to act as a firebell in the night, alerting and reminding all lovers of true liberty bounded by God’s immutable laws of the relentless advance of a form of fascism which tolerates every sort of sexual deviation but no deviation from the party line of a totalitarian, sexually perverse elite. It is not the intention of Pilgrims Covenant Church to provoke mindless hatred or violence against the sodomites. Hatred is a fearful master which destroys its subjects; and those who live by the sword will die by the sword. We urge you to pray for the sodomites with a compassionate heart that those who are not yet reprobate will become adopted into the family of God as forgiven, blood-washed followers of Jesus Christ. Pray for the sodomites, but do not underestimate the ferociousness of their commitment to crush all resistance to their cherished goals and do not neglect your duty to resist such an evil force.

Oh I am sooooooooo quaking behind my keyboard.

Hey Ralphie Boy!  Pick me!  I could use the few extra hits from your 3 members and the cows in your pasture!

Here’s thie “church’s” CONTACT INFO if you want to drop them a line. (I wonder if the shed has wireless?)

What do you think?

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