Phillip Nelson Of Tulsa Oklahoma Tormented And Bashed For Being Gay But It’s Not A Hate Crime According To Oklahoma

24-year-old Phillip Nelson has been abused beaten and tormented for the last month. His apartment was broken in to and his belongings were tossed everywhere. He was even punched in the face while taking out the trash. The motive, he says, is because he’s gay,
‘They were saying that I should die – because I’m gay. They were yelling the FAG.  They also carved the slur word into the wall inside his apartment and on the front cover of a Bible left at his doorstep. ‘The first thing I thought when I seen that was like, ‘Who would do that to a Bible?’ I was like, ‘Really?’ Because it’s supposed to be the sacred book.

But because the OklaHOMO Oklahoma Senate recently passed a bill, introduced by Rep. Steve Russell, that would exempt it from having to abide by the recently-passed federal hate crimes law, Claremore Police are investigating, but because of the bill will not cite sexual orientation as a basis for a hate crime they’re looking at it as a case of breaking and entering.”

What’s the point of the Federal Hate Crimes law if the federal government isn’t going to follow up on crimes such as this one? I thought that that was the point of it, that the Federal Government would investigate if the states reneged on their obligations of investigation and prosecution? The states can’t and don’t turn a blind eye to the other protected classes. . .why are they being allowed to blatantly ignore ours. . .after all, it’s the law, isn’t it?

Oklahoma is NOT OK.

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  1. That's upsetting. I would like to show support to Nelson. Is there an email through which I could reach him? Regards. João (

  2. So many of you know, it was proven that Phillip Nelson did NOT committ fraud or lie about the situation.For it IS TRUE! Phillip Nelson does not have MySpace or Facebook. If this was an act if fraud, then why is the case still open? I seen him in person when this occured. He was messed up for a while, causing him to drop his classes. Educate before judging. P.s. he was writing his memoir about his fathers cancer before anything evet happened. Grow up people. WE KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE SAD THING IS THIS IS LEFT OPEN.

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