North Carolina Gay Teen Jordan Nixon Gets To Take His Boyfriend To Prom Because His Mom Is AWESOME!

North Carolina teen Jordan Nixon was told that he couldn’ttake  his boyfriend Chase to attend prom at his prom at Starmount High School in Booneville, NC.  This is until Jordan’s mom, Leesa Nixon went to the principal, threatened to take action and go to the media and expose him and the school to the media for its knuckle dragging, bigoted, and neanderthal ways.

Writes Leesa Nixon:

“The discrimination that Chase was confronted with has been resolved. I called and spoke with his principal and informed her that not allowing Chase to bring his boyfriend to the prom was discrimination and a violation of his constitutionally protected rights. I threatened to call the ACLU, (which I did) and go to the media.

After our first conversation, I was contacted by Mrs. Parker, who informed me that she was waiting on the school attorney to call.

April 7th, Mrs. Parker left a message on my phone stating that she had spoken with the school attorney and that the school was going to allow Chase to bring my son Jordan to his Senior Prom “as his outside date” and that what they were going to have to do, was change the rule to allow students to bring a guest and not necessarily a “date”.

To be fair to Mrs. Parker, I got the distinct impression that she did not agree with this policy and was only trying to follow the rules that were in effect in her school district before she got there. She immediately went to work and corrected the issue at hand.

I applaud Starmount High School for their quick actions, I brought this issue to their attention and in one day they not only changed their initial decision, they changed their policy to ensure that this would never happen again. Although they change their policy to state “guest” instead of “date”, it is still a step in the right direction and they should be admired for their willingness to change. It is my hope that all schools would respond to these issues in such a fair and timely manner.

Jordans mom YOU ROCK!! Every child, gay or straight, should have a parent like you!

And Jordan and Chase enjoy the prom and send us some pictures guys!

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