Nick Jonas And the Reverend Rick Warren – A Douchebag Bromance Made In Hell

Those squeaky clean Disney Jonas brothers joined Pastor Rick Warren as “guest worship leaders” at Angels Stadium yesterday for Saddleback Ranch’s Easter service. Warren was a vocal supporter of Proposition 8 in California and has close ties to anti-gay Ugandan pastor and “kill the gays” bill supporter Martin Ssempa, though Warren has spoken out publicly against the bill.

Well, good to know the little no-talents are religio-fascists as well. More reason to hate their little smug ass-faces every time they infect the airwaves.

What makes it all the more disgusting is that “ALLEGEDY” the ugly Jonas (Kevin) is gay.  So they’re hugging a man that hates their closeted gay brother,

As Stephanie Tanner would say, “How rude!”

What do you think?

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