"LEVITICUS 20:13 – TO BE GAY = DEATH" Sign Is Free Speech According To Casper Wyoming – CALL TO ACTION!

The city of Casper, Wyoming can’t and won’t force homeowner Chris Trumbull to remove a sign painted on his fence that reads “LEVITICUS 20:13 – TO BE GAY = DEATH”

Says Trumbull: “I’m not doing it to be spiteful. Gay people are bashing themselves. My fence seems like the proper setting [to express an opinion].”

If it were an ethnic or racial slur they wouldn’t be politely asking him to remove it. This is passive-aggressive homophobia on the part of the city.

And whats even more disturbing is Trumbull’s comment, “My fence seems like the proper setting…” when you consider the fate of Matthew Shepard on a fence in Wyoming

Unfortunately the right to free speech does not come along with a high IQ.

But you know what else is Free Speech?

Writing and calling and mailing  this douchebag and letting him know exactly what you think about him and his sign.

Christopher S Trumbull
1042 N Kimball St
Casper, WY 82601
(307) 265-8321


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