Homo Say What?- Self Loathing Homo Mormon Ty Mansfield To Marry A Woman Because Joesph Smith Wants It That Way

Ty Mansfield, the co-author of the book In Quiet Desperation is engaged… to a woman.  Published in October of 2004, this anti-gay message explains that for a gay Mormon, suicide is more honorable and justified than engaging in a homosexual act. Mansfield’s co-authors are the parents of Stuart Matis who, at the age of 32, committed suicide because of an inability to reconcile his Mormon upbringing and his own homosexuality. They also continue to support LDS leaders, who perpetuate discrimination against the LGBT community.

This douchebag is a piece of work.
Mansfield and his fiancée Danielle Palmer have announced their wedding date as May 22nd 2010 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple.

‘the Lord promised that he will change our hearts, but he didn’t say when, He never promised it would happen in mortality. He only said it would happen.'”

Well his fiance may never get laid but at least she’ll have the best decorated house in Salt Lake City.

Ty, what an empty lonely life you lead you pathetic little man.

Perhaps we should all mail him copies of “Angels In America” for wedding presents

5 thoughts on “Homo Say What?- Self Loathing Homo Mormon Ty Mansfield To Marry A Woman Because Joesph Smith Wants It That Way

  1. Wow! I am surprised there is so much judgement of a man and his actions, particuarly in marriage. Some judge people because they want to marry others of the same gender – and now there are apparently those who want to judge because someone wants to marry someone of the opposite gender. Whoa! That's new!

    Who knows how it will turn out – but regardless of sexual attraction or choices, wouldn't it all be in the best interest of everyone (those involved – and those just trying to judge from afar) to just wish them all the best.

    It is almost like people are taking this personally – instead of letting him live his life.

    If there is anything that we should except about sexuality, understanding someone elses sexuality and attraction is all but impossible unless you are that person (and even then can often be difficult)… so by makeing some standard assumptions – people being critical of this situations are no different than the psuedo-christian gay bashers who don't have a clue.

  2. I know this will never be posted – but this article definitely doesn't follow the same standards that are requested at the top of the page . "It takes no compromising to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions." – Harvey Milk

    You can't have it both ways – request compassion, respect, and rights and not give it.

    1. well said! he garners no sympathy. His motives are as fake as this marriage. This phoney photo makes me want to puke

  3. This man deserves nothing but bad karma. The first two comments are made by him (anonymousley) to paint him as a martyr. An intolerant, evil, BIGOT is never a martyr. This man has blood on his hands considering his philosophy. Ignorance should never be tolerated. Hope his marriage is a complete fail, just as he attmpted to fail the lives of many gay youth. Mormons are the devil in sheeps clothing.

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