Homo Say What? – Matt Barber (Liberty Counsel) and Andrea Lafferty (Traditional Values Coalition): ENDA Will Cause Sexual Assaults On Disabled Veterans – (Video)

So this is what they have resorted to, huh?

At a poorly attended panel on the “gay agenda” that took place at the Freedom Federation’s Awakenings Conference. Habitual lars Matt Barber (Liberty Counsel) and Andrea Lafferty (Traditional Values Coalition) explain to their demon minions that the passage of ENDA will unleash who-knows-how-many amputee stump lovers, pedophiles, and horse fuckers upon the nation’s employers.

Where the hell do these sick puppies get this shit?  I mean really just how evil and demented do you have to be to sit back and think up these lies and then say them as if they were truth.

What do you think?

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