Homo Say What?- Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins Is A, I Mean MADE A Anti- Gay Joke.

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, (who should really spell Tony with an “i” at the end) made an anti-gay DADT ha-ha at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, where conservatives gather to strategize on sinking Democrats during the presidential election year

After explaining that he had just had a fifth (and no doubt extremely heterosexual) child, conceived in an act of heterosexual sex, Perkins told a military-themed gay joke that had the conference in stitches (but which did not make its way into the official transcript of Perkins’ speech as sent out by the FRC flack). Perkins had recently been speaking by phone with one of his old Marine buddies, who, along with totally not being gay, is about to retire after decades of service to his country. When Perkins asked his friend why he was hanging up the uniform, the friend replied, “When I joined, homosexuality was illegal. When I reenlisted, it was optional. I want to get out now — before it’s mandatory!”

Well after all  if anyone would know that homosexualityu is pretty much mandatory in the marines it’s TONI!

Drop and giv me 5………bitch!

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