Hell Hath No Fury Like An Opportunistic Bottom Boy Toy Scorned – Beau Breedlove Joins The Resign Sam Adam Campaign

Now that first effort to kick Adams out of office (because he lied to officials about his relationship with Breedlove during the election), led by Jasun (MASSIVE FAIL) Wurster, crashed and burned miserably now they are trying for a second time and are three week’s away from a required deadline, on April 20, to submit 32,183 valid signatures from Portland residents. So far, they’ve got just 10-15,000 names jotted down. So what do they do to peek interest? They trot out opportunistic bottom boy toy famne monster Beau Breedlove who NOW all of a sudden thinks what Sam did was WRONG that he needs to resign. (Sounds more like someone didn’t get thier allowance this week.)

Breedlove said he and Adams kissed before he turned 18 but didn’t have sex until after he turned 18, which is the age of consent. Adams has maintained that no sexual contact took place before Breedlove turned 18. Adams was 42 at the time. The attorney general’s office declined to prosecute Adams, citing lack of evidence. “In reality, he was the one who was in his 40s and he was the adult in the situation. I never felt like a victim until the end, when he continued to lie and threw me under the bus,” Breedlove said Thursday.

Breedlove said he and Adams have had no contact since the attorney general’s investigation. “I have no interest in talking to him again, ever.”

Adams slept with Breedlove ONCE after he was 18.  Thats it.  And to be honest Breedlove wasn’t exactly a naive farmboy or even a virgin when it happened.  And sources say the kid has been around the block so many times you could say thats he’s been around the world. LITERALLY. And HE was the one who “befriended” Adams because he was interested in a career in politics.

Breedlove is a far cry from a “victim” and really more of an attention whore plain and simple.  His modeling/career didn’t take off so now that his “memoirs” are coming out soon.  (I kid you not.  I also here it’s a pop-up book.)  he’s looking for publicity again.  But doesn’t seem to realize that the LGBT Community can’t stand him.

Breedlove has a lot of nerve playing this game and turning around at the 11th hour claiming that he’s a victim.  Especially with his track record of hanging with older gay men.  (Ask Bob Ball)

Beau go crawl back under your rock. (And shave that unibrow)

And called your 15 minutes are well over. 

What do you think?

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