Defense Secretary Robert Gates to Congress: Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Repeal DADT Until I’m Finished

In what has to be the louidest and clearest message yet that the Obama administration and the Pentagon do not want to see a DADT repeal before November’s mid-term elections (oh, sorry, before the Defense Department wraps up its “investigation”), Defense Secretary Robert Gates sent a letter to the House Armed Services Committee warning them a repeal “would send a very damaging message to our men and women in uniform that in essence their views, concerns and perspectives do not matter.”

How very fucking nice of you to be so concerned with the views, concerns and perspectives, of the men and women in uniform.  Would you be so concerned if this was about desegregation of the troops or about allowing women to serve if they were already not allowed?

Oh and Gates you fucking homophobe bigot how about the gay men and women already in uniform who put thier lives on the line so old hacks like you can sit on your fat ass in Washington and spew such bullshit.. And  what about their partners? Are their perspectives not important, considering that they’re, you know, THE ONLY ONES IMPACTED BY DADT?

Maybe its not urgent to you,  But it is to them,

What do you think?

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