With The Full DADT Repeal Still Being Ingnored Whats The HRC Doing? DAMAGE CONTROL!

Jarrod Chlapowski
With most of the gay blogs, this one included and independent activists calling out HRC for its gross missteps and wasting of 30 years and literally hundreds of millions of dollars in federal lawmaking efforts, it was only a matter of time before HRC moved beyond Joe Solmonese’s email blasts to reassure donors it’s STILL on the right path. (Even though it’s not)

With Lt. Dan Choi abandoning HRC and now teaming with GetEqual.org and decimating both “Little Joe” Solmonese and the HRC in a recent Newsweek article the HRC, in HIGH damage control mode has trotted out hot and humpy Jarrod Chlapowski, the gay former Army specialist and Korean linguist to prise the Human Rights Campaign’s  of trying to push through a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal in Newsweek the same magazine that Dan Choi blasted them in in the first place.

And make no bones about it that this is a part of a well-orchestrated campaign from HRC to battle back against criticism, and it’d be beautiful were it not so transparent. And considering that HRC has trained reporters to treat them as the go-to gay rights organization we will probably see alot of this shit in the near future.

But first off: so everyone knows because the HRC won’t tell you, Chlapowski, who left the Army in 2005, is not just any old DADT effected vet.  He is HRC’s military consultant which means he acts as an official liaison for the group.

And one source has been reported as saying that, Chlapowski’s answers in the article are “total bullshit,” and are just the beginning of HRC’s blitz to battle back against critics. In fact, HRC initially tried pressuring Chlapowski into signing his name to a statement that it wrote, attacking Choi, but  to his credit Chlapowski refused; the Newsweek piece was the compromise and that “There is more coming,” because “Little Joe” and the leadership is for the moment “more concerned with” defending HRC’s reputation than anything else

And I suppose the “anything else” includes the fight for our rights.

What do you think?

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