Wingnuts Have A Hissy Over Washington Post Gay-Kissy Photo

\TheWashington Post last week published a front-page photo of two men kissing in the courthouse’s “gay marriage line.” and the wingnuts went batshit.   Today, Washington Post ombudsman Andrew Alexander talked about the complaints that he recieved of the hot man-on-man sexy kiss time so prominently in its print newspaper, which America’s seniors read in the privacy of their own homes.

A few of the readers have engaged in rants, often with anti-gay slurs. One called me to complain about “promoting a faggot lifestyle.” Another complained about the photo in an e-mail to the two Post reporters who wrote Thursday’s story about the licenses: “That kind of stuff makes normal people want to throw up. People have kids who are being exposed to this crap. I will be glad when your rag goes out of business. Real men marry women.”

But most simply said The Post had offended their delicate sensibilities by publishing the photo, especially on the front page.

Wrote Lee Miller of Columbia: “I would appreciate it if your cover pictures would not be so disturbing where my kids can see it easily on the kitchen table… please don’t shove this “Gay” business in our face. This is something that should have shown up on an inside page or two (without the picture).”  Another comment went…….“the picture of two guys kissing makes me cringe.” And another: “Put it on page 10 or page four, put it in the paper, but I do not like it right there where I can’t avoid looking at it.”

– No fucking gay faggots should be on the front page, stupid fucking faggots. Real faggots marry women.
– “Gay business” should not be shoved down my kids’ throats.
– Show the photo on an inside page and don’t show the photo.
– Don’t put the photo on the front page, because then people can’t help but stare at it constantly.  (Got a big closet I suppose)

Anyway, Andrew Alexander, get the last word on these in his final paragraph:

“There was a time, after court-ordered integration, when readers complained about front-page photos of blacks mixing with whites. Today, photo images of same-sex couples capture the same reality of societal change.”

Only problem is Andrew, as sad as it sounds you over-estimate these wingnuts and the same people would probably ctill omplain about that today also. 

Some people seriously need to get a life or at least crawl back into the primordial ooze and keep evolving.

What do you think?

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