Since There Are No Video of Tea Partiers Calling Barney Frank a ‘Faggot,’ They Are Saying It Didn’t Happen

Despite dozens upon dozens of witnesses Tea Partiers and Conservative Bloggers are saying since there’s no video of any of them calling Rep. Barney Frank the F-word or Rep. John Lewis the N-word it’s not true!

GayPatriot’s Bruce Carroll;

Who are these “observers”? Isn’t it very, very convenient that Barney Frank — the most well-known gay Congressman — and John Lewis — the most well-known civil rights leader in Congress — were THE Members that happened to be the ones insulted.

Why, pray tell, doesn’t Rep. Cleaver press charges? I WANT to know who this alleged race-baiter was. Aren’t Democrats always whining about “hate crimes”? So come on, Cleaver, press charges. If it was a Tea Party protestor — call them out. I want to know.

This entire weekend has been a bunch of crap and public relations stunts by Democrats that were simply reported, without checking, by the Mainstream Media. ABC News should be ashamed of itself for forwarding these outrageous and completely uncorroborated stories of hate mongering by protestors. They are doing this nation a severe disservice which I believe we will all live to regret.


For those of you who don’t know Bruce Carroll, he is a ReTHUGlican first and a homo second and the same columnist who claimed that gay hater Ryan Sorba booed himself at CPAC.

Lets just tell it like it is shall we?  Only morons like the tea baggers would say “if there’s no video, it didn’t happen.” BTW, there’s plenty of vids and pictures of the signs that have been being held up during their rallies. They can deny and deny, and we can prove they lie and lie. (btw, there is a BIG diference between calling someone a “moron” and a “n***er”) And now the teabaggers are getting sensitive to the fact that their supporters are acting like rabid dogs in public, and even the media are wising up to it. They are in full damage control mode.

What do you think?

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