Rep. Jared Polis Says EDNA To Pass House Within Weeks. Shouldn’t Someone Tell Joe Solomese And The HRC?

Someone should contact Joe Solmonsleaze Solmonese and the Human Rights Campaign because Rep. Jared Polis, the openly gay Coloradan Democrat says the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is going to pass in just a few weeks and  there’s movement on the issue.and surprisingly the HRC which collects tens of millions of dollars every year with the promise it will lobby lawmakers and work with them to push ahead legislation just like this doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

Said Polis to Frontiers’s Karen Ocamb:

“We have the votes to pass ENDA in the House and we hope to bring it before the committee I serve on – the Education Labor Committee – within the month – by the end of April,” he tells Frontiers’s Karen Ocamb. “And then, once it passes the committee, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks – a week or two – to schedule it for the floor. It’s just a scheduling matter. We think we would have passed it by now if it wasn’t for healthcare taking up much of the workload of our committee. I don’t know about the Senate – but in the House, we expect to pass out substantially. It has substantial support. The Senate requires 60 votes so it’s a matter of getting some Republican moderates to support it.”

Now Polis just might be talking out oif his ample ass for fundraising purposes and is offering hope, where there isn’t any. There may be enough support in the House, but none in the US Senate. and then theres the fact that Nancy Pelosi promised her Members that she wouldn’t bring ENDA up for a vote before the Mid-terms unless the Senate had the votes to pass it. There are only 51 supporters of ENDA in the US Senate. Because LGBT-issues are non-negotiable and that isn’t about to change. Despite the hundreds of millions spent by HRC to lobby Congress every year (suppossedly) and they have never changed a single vote!

Consideing that HRC is on lockdown and working hard on it’s trying to defend its total “lameness” as an organization it’s not surprising that once again it’s out of the loop.  But be certain of one thing.  If EDNA does pass they will be the first to step forward and take the credit and as soon as they hear about what Polis said a donation letter should be hitting your inbox shortly.

What do you think?

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