Oklahoma Passes "10th Admendment Bill" That Says It Can Ignore The Matthew Shepard Federal Hate Crimes Law

Oklahoma State Senator Steve Russell

Homophobic Oklahoma State Senator Steve Russell who once compared homosexuality to necrophelia was uposet last November that the Matthew Sheperd Hate Crimes bill was attached to the Department of Defense bill introduced an admendment in the Oklahoma Senate yesterday that would exempt the State (in its eyes) from obeying the law.  And it passed 36 -6.

“Under the new provisions of Senate Bill 1965, reports that were collected during investigations of possible hate crime that did not end in a conviction would be destroyed or kept by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Russell said the bill is meant to prevent the federal law enforcement officials from taking over a case and applying different standards when local law enforcement has already investigated a case. Only a few senators questioned Russell about the contents of his proposed amendment. The measure passed 39-6 and now heads to the House for consideration. Russell said his bill is meant to protect speech of all kinds.” 

OKlahomophobia! Where men are men and sheep are nervous.

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