Lt. Dan Choi Rips The Human Rights Campaign A New One In Newsweek Magazine

Lt. Dan Choi talked with Newsweek about what happened to him over the course of the two days during which he was cuffed at the White House, spent the night in jail (where he was denied a phone call), and arraigned.

— “Ghandi did not need three-course dinners and a cocktail party to get his message out.” (OUCH!)

— “Within the gay community so many leaders want acceptance from polite society. I think there’s been a betrayal of what is down inside of us in order to achieve what looks popular, what look enviable. The movement seems to be centered around how to become an elite. There is a deep schism [in the gay-rights movement], everyone knows this. But this shouldn’t be about which group has better branding. There is a tremor right now in every gay and transgender youth that these groups are not grasping. I would say to them—you do not represent us if all you are looking for is a ladder in to elite society. When I get messages from people who want to be a part of this I ask back: what are you willing to sacrifice? We are tired of being stereotyped as privileged, bourgeois elites. Is someone willing to give up their career, their relationships with powerful people, their Rolodex, or their parents’ love to stand up for who they are? I’m giving up my military rank, my unit—which to me is a family—my veterans’ benefits, my health care, so what are you willing to sacrifice?”

— “When I heard Kathy Griffin was going to be a spokeswoman for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, I wondered about that. I have great respect for her as an advocate. But if the Human Rights Campaign thinks that having a rally at Freedom Plaza with a comedienne is the right approach, I have to wonder. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is not a joking matter to me. To be at Freedom Plaza and not at the White House or Congress? Who are they trying to influence? I felt like they were just trying to speak to themselves. If that’s the best the lobbying groups and HRC can do, then I don’t know how these powerful groups are supposed to represent our community. Kathy Griffin and Joe Solmonese said they would march with me to the White House but didn’t. I feel so betrayed by them.”

I say BRAVO to Dan Choi because he’s 100 percent correct.  The true goal it seems for the HRC is for the LGBT community to blend in and be quiet and act like good little homos so no one gets angry at us or thinks we’re different. While those who run HRC make obsense salaries and skip all the way to the bank.  Personally I’m sick of all their kiss ass elitist bullshit and so should you all. It’s time for the community to really come together and make a big unified effort to get our rights! The HRC excludes so many groups in our community it’s sickening and only serves to weaken our group solidarity, our personal individuality and our power.

As much as I hate to “eat our own” in this case it is not only justified but also needed because the LGBT Community will continue to go nowhere fast as long as think they are in charge,

What do you think?

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