Lesbian Student Constance McMillen That Was Denied Her prom Talks To Wanda Skyes – Group Donates 20K To Throw Prom For ALL Students (Video)

Constance McMillen the Mississippi lesbian high school student who was not only denied by school officials in Itawamba County to take another girl to the prom but in wake of the media attention the school also canceleed the prom for all students.  Constance talked with Wanda Skyes on her show Satrurday night

Wanda is receiving the Stephen F. Kolzak award from GLAAD at their L.A. awards show on April 17, and invited Constance and her girlfriend to present it to her.

Also The American Humanist Association has recieved $20,0000 in donations from two of its members to hold a prom for all the students in small minded Itawamba County Mississippi.  Talks about logistics are underway.

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