The Human Rights Campaign’s President Joe Solmonese Wins Fashion Award By Wearing Your Hard Earned Donations On His Back

Well doesn’t that beat all. Worthless HRC President (Little) Joe Solmonsleaze won one of Washington Life’s Best Dressed Awards for 2010!

ELEGANT ACTIVIST: Joe Solmonese. The president of the Human Rights Campaign favors designers Ann Demeulemeester, Billy Reid, and Dolce and Gabbana

With a yearly salary of over $300k a year he can certainly afford Dolce and Gabbana (And his hair plugs) But just remember WHERE his salary comes from.  YOUR donations.  So next time you are scrimping and saving and secretly shopping at Pennys, Sears, or gasp WALMART to save money so you can have some left over to donate to the HRC. Just remember that it’s going for a worthy cause. 

Joe’s wardrobe.

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