Human Rights Campaign’s Joe Solomese Talks About EDNA, The Dan Choi Protest, And Evades Answers

DC Agenda has sent a list of questions to the “fashionable” HRC President Joe Solmonese about the recent Dan Choi DADT protest and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act What’s remarkable isn’t that Joe is a gold medalist in giving non-answers, what is remarkable is that we haven’t DEMANDED his resignation as of yet.  (But believe me I AM working on it and I could use some help guys, HINT HINT.)

DC Agenda asked: 

“What is HRC’s current count of U.S. senators on an up or down vote on ENDA right now? Can you release a list of which of the 17 Democratic senators who are not ENDA co-sponsors will vote for or against ENDA?”

To which Little Joe wouldn’t answer directly, adding: “Members’ positions on ENDA are determined by their co-sponsorship of the legislation, a clear public statement or their vote. Ensuring we will win that vote and protect the bill from harmful amendments is a critical factor for determining floor action and timing. There are 15 Democratic senators and 39 Republican senators who are not cosponsors of ENDA. We must win 14 of these votes to get to 60 votes to overcome a potential filibuster. Unless a member of Congress makes a clear public statement, we do not assume we have their vote.” (I suppose that doing you JOB and going to The Capitol for something other than a cocktail party and calling and persuading those NOT on board would crease your Dolce Gabanna, huh?)

Solmonese also weighed in on Dan Choi and GetEQUAL Activism stating:

“Any healthy and diverse social movement will have a diversity of voices and opinions. Individuals and groups will take different approaches based on their ideology, life experience and other sincerely and deeply held beliefs about the political process. This is not indicative of a schism, but rather a sign of vibrant engagement…The beauty of our movement is that we have a dedicated community that is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to effect change in Washington and at home….Activism by Dan Choi and others has one common intent in mind that we also share: to advance equality in the fastest way possible. As we said last week, this is the nature of social change and everyone has a role to play.” (Well Joe I guess your role is to be an over-paid gadfly who gets to meet and hang with meet Kathy Griffin, Cindy Lauper, President Obama, Marntina Navritolova, and Neil Patric Harris. I mean gay rights and struggles are MEANINGLESS when compared to you being able to drive a Bentley up to his high School reunion and talk about the time he and Cindy Lauper bonded over the fact that they both like Prune Danishes.)

Read the full interview here if yoiu are interested in alot of bullshit and non-answers.  It’s typical HRC/Solmonese poop coming on the heels of HRC sent out a fundraising request (YET AGAIN) this week, asking for more money so they can fight “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

The HRC is just like the Church, it knows only how to do two things: Asking for money and promising that in the end what they’re telling you is the truth. And that if you don’t believe in them (since neither has any kind of tangible proof) you’ll be damned to lose the fight.

What do you think?

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