Homophobic Republicans Pull Another Insane Reason Out Of Their Asses To Thwart Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal

Representative Buck McKeon and some of his ReTHUGlican pals pretend there is some other reason they don’t want us to serve openly in the military, but there isn’t other than hate, insanity, bigotry, and stupidity.  But here’s their latest lies for continuing their extreme prejudice.

McKeon, the House Armed Services Committee’s top Republican, says a report Defense Secretary Robert Gates has commissioned to look at the issue of gays in the military is biased because it presumes the eventual repeal of the  rule. “Many of us on this committee have serious concerns with putting our men and women in uniform through such a divisive debate while they are fighting two wars,” he said, airing another shabby, flimsy and pathetic justification that old, scared men in Washington use to try to use.

He also accuses the RAND corporation, who will be conducting the study, of pro-gay bias.BEFORE the study is conducted.

Oh and for those of you who didn’t know.  Dear old Buck is a MORMON.

What do you think?

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