Hey, Motion Picture Academy! You Forgot Farrah Fawcett! – Farrah Fawcett Left Out Of Oscar’s "Dearly Departed Tribute".

Last year it was Heath Ledgert.  This year the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences left out the late iconic Farrah Fawcett from it’s “Dearly Departed Tribute.”

Hey Academy, in case you forgot, Farrah passed away on June 25, 2009, after a long battle with cancer. (Yes, it was the same day as Michael Jackson.) And in case you thought she only acted on television, may we remind you of some of her film credits

The Robert Altman-directed “Dr. T and the Women’, “The Apostle”, “Logan’s Run”, “Extremities”,  and“The Cannonball Run,” in 1981.

Shame on you!

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