Bigots File Last Minute Marriage Appeal To U.S. Supreme Court To Stop Gay Marriage In Washington, DC

With little less than 48 hours before same-sex marriage licenses are due to be granted in Washington, D.C. anti-gay bigots in the nation’s capital have filed a last minute appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court.

Court papers filed Monday with Chief Justice John Roberts argue that Washington residents should be able to vote on the matter. Local courts have rejected the opponents’ arguments.

opponents include a Baptist minister, Walter E. Fauntroy, who was Washington’s delegate in the House for nearly 20 years and ironically was a good friend and confidant of the late Reverend Martin Luther King and and helped organize the 1963 March On Washington, a watershed event in human rights

 I am sure if King were alive today that he would have some choice words for Fauntroy. “Hypocritical homophobic bastard” being amongst them

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