Americans for Truth About Homosexuality FINALLY Officially Labled A Hate Group And "Porno Pete" LaBarbera Cries Like A Bitch

Someone call that homophobic bigot a waaaaaaaaambulance!

“Porno Pete” Labarbera and Matt Barber

Thnaks to the lobbying of Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network, a totally awesome LGBT activist group whom I support 100 percent,  “Porno Pete” LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has been listed as a hate site by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the watchdog group that tracks hate groups in numerous categories.  The SPLC contends that the ATAH “not merely … opposes legal equality for gays or others, but [also] … intentionally utilize[s] discredited and slanderous propaganda to spread lies about a group of people.” LaBarbera, who has always been direct about his opposition to homosexuality, has issue with being called hateful. (Poor bigot baby)

“What about the hateful rhetorical attacks against me and AFTAH and nasty shibboleths that come routinely from the Left? ‘Porno Pete’? Honestly, this is the type of malicious, hateful slander I experience on a daily basis (it is analogous in its ugliness to Phelps’ use of the term “Fag”). It appears the SPLC has a glaring double standard that you are now defiantly telegraphing to the world: principled, religious conservatives qualify as ‘haters,’ while even the most vicious liberal activists get a free pass. On that point: has SPLC ever cited a homosexual activist group like ACT UP for ‘hateful’ actions/assaults against religious groups? Have you investigated malicious websites like Joe Jervis’ ‘Joe.My.God’ blog — which revels in grotesque smears against AFTAH and other Christian conservatives?”

LaBarbera clearly doesn’t like that the of “smearing” Christian conservatives by quoting their idiocy verbatim. is what actually hangs themselves by their own words.

And speaking of being well hung by words……… (And probably the ONLY way he’s hung)

The Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber defended LaBarbera with what might be one of the most unintentionally comic and quotes of all times vy these haters:

“But seriously, if [Peter LaBarbera’s Americans For Truth About Homosexuality] is a “hate group,” then so is Liberty Counsel, Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, American Family Association, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Roman Catholic Church. Any group that observes and defends traditional sexual morality would have to be labeled such.”


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