Signorile Interviews HRC’s Joe Solmonese – Audo Proof Of Why Solmonese And The Human Rights Campaign SUCK.

Michelangelo Signorile interviewed HRC’s Joe Solmonese yesterday on his show.  Take the time to listen to the 10 minute interview.  The first 5 minutes is Joe Solmonese’s usual dick sucking of the Democrats and the Obama Adminsitration.  But its after the 5 minute mark that it becomes abundantly clear that the HRC operates on “hopes” and “illusions” (“The Democrats won’t lose in the 2010 mideterm elections”……..”Scott Brown says he’ll wait to make a decision on DADT”…..and other unbelieveabl;e bon mots)

We really ge to see just how HRC has no real “sense of urgency” and is willing to settle for “crumbs” and still call it Victory.

It’s time to repeal the HRC!


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