Pentagon Sources Tell The Associated Press That FULL "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" Repeal Years Away

From AP:

The two officials appointed to lead a yearlong internal assessment — Gen. Carter Ham, commander of U.S. Army forces in Europe, and Pentagon General Counsel Jeh Johnson — met for the first time on Feb. 9.

As that study gets under way, officials were expected by mid-March to suggest ways to relax enforcement of the law. Of particular interest is minimizing cases of “third party outings,” where a service member is kicked out after being reported by others to be gay.

The protracted time line is about more than giving military leaders time to assess the impact on troops and put new rules in place. The multiyear process also is a strategic way of getting troops used to the idea before they have to accept change.

The goal, according to senior defense and military officials, is to avoid the backlash that could result from imposing change too fast. While officials expect resistance from only a minority of service members and believe that it could be contained with discipline, officials fear isolated incidents of violence could erupt as a means of protest.

I wonder if the Generals have considered the welfare and sexual well being of those Americans serving besides us sodomites in the British, German, and Canadian armies in Afganistan ?

This is really so sadly predictable, infuritaing, and transparent that the military is slow-rolling this, hoping that they’ll outlast Obama’s first term which at this point is highly possible.


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