NYC Gay Activist Group "QUEER RISING" To Stage Civil Disobedience in NYC Friday Morning – ALL INVITED

The newly-formed and awesome NYC activist group Queer Rising is planning an rally/protest/action outside the New York City Marriage Bureau office on Friday morning from 8-10am: 

Fuckin A!

“A gathering of same-sex marriage equality proponents for a press conference and rally in the park opposite the bureau; The application – and subsequent rejection – of several same-sex couples hoping to obtain a marriage license inside of the bureau; The application – a subsequent approval – of a lesbian and gay man, whom according to New York State law may legally marry each other, for a marriage license; and a significant act of civil disobedience to rival the lunch-counter sit-ins of the 1960s, in which black Americans asserted their rights of equal treatment by society at large.”

All I can say is its about time we started acting like this and I APPLAUD and SUPPORT Queer Rising for taking its stand and it’s acts of civil disobedience.  We can no longer just sit back and continue to let the injustice thats perpetrated against us to hasppen.  You would thinbk that by now we ALL would realize that Gay Inc.’s strategy SUCKS, and lobbying in Washington doesn’t work.  (Especiallly since our lobbyist are all a bunch of ass kissing whiners)

BRAVO to Queer Uprisng.

We need MORE groups like them!

CLICK HERE  to go to Queer Rising’s Facebook Page

What do you think?

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