Lesbian Kitty Lambert Denied Wedding License With Femaile Partner Turns To Crowd And Weds Male Stranger In Protest (Video)

In Buffalo, New York yesterday lesbian Kitty Lambert and her longtime partner Cheryl attempted to apply for a marriage license and were flatly turned down.  After an impassioned speech Kitty turned to the crowd of onlookers and asked for any male who would be willing to get married to her. A gay man named Ed stepped forward and volunteered. They briefly exchanged information and presented the appropriate documents along with $40. City staff verified the information, and proceeded to give them a marriage license.

Kitty made her point and it was fucking brillant.  She  proved that in approaching the City Clerk for a marriage license that there is no religious basis for marriage, and it serves only as a legally binding contract in our society. Instead of being offered the ability to receive a license with her long-term partner, she was able to secure a license with a virtual stranger, strictly based on their gender.

This is the type of PSA commercial we need playing on television.  It makes such a stronger point than “hearts and minds” and “kiss in”.

Bravo Kitty!

Back2Stonewall salutes you.


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