Johnny (Weir) Be Good, Johnny Weir Was Robbed! – Homophobia Alive And Well At the Olympics

Who would ever think that homophobia run’s through men’s figure skating of all things.  But last night at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancover it reared its ugly haed for all the world to see..  Weir skated his heart out and give one of the most beautiful and proficient performances of his career – he totally did. But Weir was grossly underscored by the judges, both in his short program on Tuesday, and last night.  The only explanation most commentators came up with is that despite Weir’s technical scores (6.19 points higher than that of bronze medalist Daisuke Takahashi), judges just didn’t like Weir or what he was doing on the ice.  Which reeks of homophobia.  Which is ironic considering it is figure skating.  But I guess like in real life where the people who hate and beat up on others who are different or effeminate and comfortable with who they are, are the BIGGEST CLOSET CASES.

But Johnny was a fierce bitch to the end and proved that he was more of a man and woman then any of those homophobic judges.  As the low scores were read Johnny stood standing up and motioning to his fans that they shouldn’t boo the scores, and telling the press afterwards: “As Lady Gaga would say, ‘I have all my role models out there.’ I may not be the most decorated person in the skating world, but judging by the audience reaction … they go on my journeys with me.”

Now thats CLASS.


1 thought on “Johnny (Weir) Be Good, Johnny Weir Was Robbed! – Homophobia Alive And Well At the Olympics

  1. Oh, be serious. Anyone watching Weir's routines who knew about skating would agree.

    Toss out the Gay card minimizes true homophobia. Chill out — Weir was not robbed.

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