Human Rights Campaign Releases DADT Road Map – Calls For Joe Solmonese’s Resignation – JOE MUST GO!

The Human Rights Campaign today released one of its much-discussed, never-seen “road maps” to equality. This one explains how HRC is going to help repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It notes “the pressure must increase on all fronts to abolish this discriminatory law.” Which is hysterical, because the only ones feeling pressure right now are HRC’s leaders and not the lawmakers thanks to all of you and the recent Blog Swarm.

The HRC has released a whole five bullet-points on the DADT repeal so lets take 10 seconds and have a look.

• Congressional Action in 2010
• Gates/Mullen review
• Strategic Partnerships
• Voices of Veterans
• Continued Presidential Leadership (*Chortle*)

And not surprisingly, they are all things we’ve heard before and extremely vauge. (I can here Joe now….”We need to cover our asses we have our North Carolina Gala coming up!”)

In a nutshell, todays plan this is just plain old bullshit. And the same ole bullshit that has obviously been sitting on a shelf and is being brought out and dusted off to try to appease the many of us who are criticizing HRC.

Well it’s not going to work this time.

It’s becoming crystal clear that HRC’s problem isn’t its lack of transparency. But that the real problem is that legislators don’t care much about what HRC has to say. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand made that clear already in her independent move on DADT. And Rep. Barney Frank, the gay congressman who has the closest ties with HRC continues to dump on the Org’s gadfly public image.

HRC is such a joke that it stands by and applauds President Obama for merely talking about DADT while all those around him drag their feet and have created a DADT quagmire.

HRC isn’t only misleading supporters; it’s now outright lying to them. In today’s “road map” release, the organization insists, “The path forward has always been the Department of Defense Authorization bill — which was the birthplace of DADT in 1993 — and it will move through Congress as early as April and be on the President’s desk by year’s end.” EXCUSE ME? Whose path forward “has always been” the Defense bill? Because HRC and the rest of us only found out about it in November!

In a nutshell the HRC is a joke. And it always has been. And if never noticed it before the proof has been presented today through this release. The Human Rights Campaign is the same organization that, under the leadership of Elizabeth Birch, decided it must sit on its hands about all LGBT equality legislation until the Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed. Yes, the same Employment Non-Discrimination Act that
HRC was willing to support without transgender protections. Yes, the same Employment Non-Discrimination Act that Joe Solmonese, the $350,000.00 a year man stands accused of advising Obama to push forth before even touching DADT. And yes, the same Employment Non-Discrimination Act that has yet to pass and has been postponed…….indefinitely

It’s time for us to demand that HRC change. Change its tactics, its leadership, and its asskissing ways.

And that change must start somewhere. And its always best to start at the top and work down.

Back2Stonewall publically calls for Joe Solmonese’s immediate resignation along with the HRC’s current Board of Directors.

Change must happen and happen soon at the HRC because its now hit the point that its causing more harm than good. .

What do you think?

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