Four Gay Activist Arrested At NYC’s Queer Rising Protest Friday

Four very brave gay activists from the group Queer Rising took a stand and were arrested Friday morning after chaining themselves to the New York Marriage Bureau following the application and rejection of marriage licenses to more than 20 same-sex couples.

Following the rejection of the same-sex couples, a lesbian and gay man applied to be married and were approved as a couple for a marriage license and Alan Bounville, Jake Goodman, Justin Elzie and Gabriel Yuri Bollag chained and pad-locked themselves to the entrance railing, subsequently blocking entry to the marriage bureau, and were then arrested.

Heroes, every damn one of them!

Queer Rising’s  spokesman Spring Super:  

“New York City is home to the Stonewall Riots and in that tradition we are here to say that equality doesn’t arrive through the ballot box. The bankrupt strategy of putting all efforts into electing so-called ‘friendly’ officials has failed. We must shift to building a grassroots, national movement that demands full equality by any means necessary. Today, through our symbolic marriage applications, rally and civil disobedience, that message was quite clear.”


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