BLOG SWARM UPDATE – More Blogs Join In, HRC Stops Taking Calls And Issues A (Lame) Statement

The awesome (and handsome) John Avarois over at AmericaBlog Gay who is one of the main bloggers behind BlogSwarm has been follwing the  developments all day.  Including the the addition of more bloggers both gay and straight who have joined in the push, the fact that HRC has stopped answering thier phones, and that the HRC has issued the following statement:  (Which at the end it has the nerve to ask you to join them!)

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has to be repealed this year. That has been the Human Rights Campaign’s position from the start, and at this point there is no one in the White House who does not know it. We and the community to whom we are accountable agree: This is the year.

We firmly support including repeal in the annual Department of Defense Authorization bill, and have not only indicated as much, but continue to make that case, all while working to gain support for the Military Readiness Enhancement Act….

We have been lobbying the White House relentlessly, and we’ve seen more movement in recent weeks than in the previous 16 years. Our nation’s top defense officials testified, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be repealed. That did not happen in a vacuum.

These events are just the start. There is a clear path to repeal, and that’s the one we’re on

Well thats a nice statement but it really doesn’t cover the concerns about HRC’s super secret ass kissung strategy or ther fact that they are as strong and forceful as a new born kitten. 

Words, words, and more words from an organization drowning in happy talkm while our rights slip away more and more each day.

What do you think?

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