Anne Hathaway Quits The Catholic Church In Support Of Gay Rights

Actress Anne Hathaway has taken a stand.

The actress has realized that she doesn’t fit in her own religion anymore. Just because Catholicism doesn’t approve gays, the actress, who’s brother has discovered that he is gay, left the Catholic Church in support of him.  So did her parents, Gerarld and Kate and her other brother, Thomas. This is their way to show support on Michael’s sexuality. “The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out. Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?”the 27 years old actress revealed for Britain’s GQ magazine.

Now if only others would be brave enough to thell the Catholic Church enough is enough.

4 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway Quits The Catholic Church In Support Of Gay Rights

  1. Homosexuality is a choice. It is against the will of God, and any homosexual who says he or she believes in God is lying, as they are in outward rebellion against God by virtue of their very choice of homosexuality as a lifestyle. Anne Hathaway would do better trying to help her brother break free from this sexual addiction and return to living right, rather than abandoning her religion and sanctioning her brother's evil.

  2. Anonymous you are a bigot and you are wrong. There is no god. You simply use this imaginary "god" to justify your own hatred toward those who are different than you. That is pathetic and wrong. My hope is that Anne realizes there is no god at all, and abandons all religions in favor of reality.

  3. Homosexuality is a choice now? I hear somewhere that 10% of all mammals select same sex partners, same as humans. It's hard for me to believe that a God that is supposed to be good would condemn anyone for loving another human being as much as this family displays. I find Anne Hathaway and her families commitment to their brother touching and very loving. I am quite positive if there is a St. Peter standing at a gate to heaven that he would see their loving commitment to each other as a plus when deciding if they get into heaven.

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