Was California’s Proposirion 8 Vote Tampered With? The Election Defense Alliance Believes So.

The Election Defense Alliance, a participatory organization of citizens collaborating at the local, state, and national levels to establish transparent vote counting, defend against electoral theft has recently released a study in which it shows that the CA’s Prop 8 Vote appears to have been tampered with and corrupted.

The following study of suspect Proposition 8 election results in Los Angeles County, CA, is drawn from data gathered in EDA’s Election Verification Exit Poll (EVEP) analysis of the 2008 Presidential election, which reports similarly questionable election results in several states.
Although this exit poll analysis cannot provide conclusive proof of election fraud (because such proof would require access to memory cards and computer code accorded proprietary exemption from public examination) it does provide the strongest indirect proof available that election results have almost certainly been altered by manipulation of the computerized voting systems.
Deviations between exit polls and official results far outside margins of error, cannot be explained away by demographics or polling factors. The facts established in these reports cannot responsibly be dismissed or evaded.
Election Defense Alliance calls on legislators, secretaries of state, attorneys general, the voting public, and especially candidates in upcoming elections, to read these reports and seriously confront their implications.
You can view and read the entire study HERE.

Not only are the implications of this mindboggling but it leads to the question what to do next and how to follow-up on this possibilty.

What do you think?

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