Third Hate Crime In Buffalo, N.Y. – Gay Man Attacked On Chicago "L"

In a disturbing trend everyday more and more hate crimes against the LGBT Community seem to be happening.

Tuesday Christopher Rudow (pictured above right) was found murdered in his aprtment in Buffalo, N.Y. apartment.  Chris, moved from New York City to Buffalo about six years ago to assist with the opening of a new GEICO call center in Amherst.  Police discovered his body in his apartment in the Lofts at Elk Terminal in Buffalo. He died of blunt force trauma. This  comes on the heels of two other cases involving hate crime charges in Buffalo since only January 1st.

On early Sunday morning Daniel Hauff (pictured above right) was “badly beaten” by men who called him “stupid faggot” on the Chicago “L” train

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“Daniel Hauff, 33, said he tried to quell a dispute between two men on the train when one of them, joined by two other riders, began yelling gay slurs and other taunts at him. Hauff said he pressed the emergency intercom, and the conductor came. But the conductor soon left, Hauff said, and the train started moving again. Hauff said the men beat him while the train was between the Wilson and Argyle stops. ‘And I never once threw a punch,’ Hauff said. ‘It’s just not in my nature.’ Hauff said he got away by wiping some of his blood on the attackers and telling them he was HIV-positive, which was not true. Police said three men were arrested in the 1100 block of West Argyle Street for misdemeanor battery and ‘making disparaging comments,’ though the report had nothing specific about anti-gay comments. Police said the suspects were released Sunday on bail. Hauff said he was released from a hospital around 6 a.m. He said his face, chest, back, knee and foot were in pain, but nothing was broken.”

A witness reportedly photographed the beating on his phone. Hauff faults the conductor for leaving the scene too quickly.

The world is going crazy and I cannot stress enough that at times like these the importance of protecting ourselves in these times.  Travel in pairs or groups, take self defense classes, carry protection (other than a condom) and be prepared to use it. 

Remember your safety comes first.

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