16 thoughts on “Stefan Richter From Top Chef Season 5 Naked?!!!

  1. Sorry, but from personal experience I know that it's not him… He's definitely hung, but he's not cut, and his hair is blonde, not dark brown. I'll bet he's getting a kick out of it though 🙂

  2. im the real stefan lol. I swear it is not me. My six pack is spaced a little further out and im little bigger.


  3. Stefan!!

    Dude we love you man! You should have won!

    Gay Guys for Stefan!!

    How about a real pic??
    (We accept from the waist down.)

  4. Seems someones been up close and personal.

    But seriously Stefan you have a BIG gay following. (Some bigger than you. Oh and exactly HOW NIG is that?) Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Oh Stefan, you should know who I am… Too bad I didn't get a photo of your goods though. Would have put the poor guy who's impersonating you to shame! Next time that we roll around nude on blankets on the beach, I'll be sure to take one 😉

  6. Excellent chef, sexy as hell. I waited tables for over 10 years and I never had a chef that looked like you. (Which is good i probably would have been fired for bring in the kitchen too much)

    No I haven't been to the Restaurant. Wish I could. I am stuch in Middle america right now.

    Perhaps i can get an autographed……..photo?

    Would you email me at freewil@hotmail.com

  7. Close, it's Bright Eyes. I love James Blunt too. Yes, I still taste it, smell it, can't get enough of it…
    I agree Will, he is sexy as hell!

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