The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. It Will Be Posted On YouTube……With A Delay

Chief Judge Vaughn Walker, has agreed to allow the trial to be recorded, pending the 9th Circuit’s final approval of taping the specific case but rejected a bid by media organizations to televise the proceedings themselves for live broadcast.

Walker rejected the arguments of Proposition 8’s defenders, who opposed any broadcast of the proceedings outside the San Francisco federal building. It was not clear from Walker’s remarks how long the delay would be for the video to be posted on the Internet. Walker also turned down an offer by In Session, formerly known as Court TV, to do professional recording and broadcasting. The judge said, “I think it’s important for the process to be completely under the court’s control.”

The Courage Campaign released a statement following this news:

“The Courage Campaign Institute today called the federal trial ruling allowing a publicly-accessible webcast of the Proposition 8 case ‘halfway to a fair hearing.’ … ‘This precedent-setting ruling is an important first step and it is halfway to a fair hearing,’ said Courage Campaign Institute Chair Rick Jacobs. ‘We now ask the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to take the next step toward transparent jurisprudence by allowing a press camera in the courtroom so all Americans can see and hear as a fundamental issue of civil rights is litigated,’ Jacobs said. ‘Overruling this halfway measure would be a travesty for openess and accountability.’ More than 82,000 Americans have already signed a Courage Campaign Institute/CREDO Action letter calling for a publicly accessible trial. Courage and CREDO will present these and newly gathered petitions to the court by the end of the judge’s comment period on Friday.”

You can sign the Courage Campaign’s petition here.

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