John Edwards Sex Tape UPDATE (John Edwards Naked Fake Photo Included!)

We I told you about the John Edwards sex tape that will make you stand up and say “whoa”.  Now, his former aide  Andrew Young has talkes about it.

“It’s definitely him. You never see her face. But you see — you clearly see his face for a long time. And I can’t speak for the other body parts, but it’s definitely his face.”

Now check this out from Young’s book, The Politician.

“We weren’t going to use it in any nefarious way, but I planned to deposit a copy in a safe-deposit box and place at least one other with an attorney with instructions to make it public, if necessary, should anything suspicious befall us. I had read enough John Grisham novels to think that … sometimes powerful, rich people don’t always play by the rules. And we were scared.”

If it is so good that they feared for their lives, then we really, really have to see this footage! YOWZA!

What do you think?

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