Jesse McCartney Naked!

Whoa Dude!

Little Jesse McCartney’s all growd up, snapping the X-rated pics of himself, and then threatening to sue when they get shopped around.  And now McCartney wants everyone to know … if you publish a nude photo of him — even one that looks like him — he’ll sue you. Although it’s unclear how he could sue over a picture of one of a gazillion bland non-descript,  blond twinks.

From TMZ

The photo is floating around … showing what looks like a naked McCartney all by his lonesome, laying on a bed with a candy G-string, fully exposed. According to the New York Post, it’s being shopped around by an angry ex. Someone sent it to TMZ on Dec. 22, but we did not publish it.

McCartney’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, has fired off a cease and desist letter to any web site that would dare publish the photo.

Holley says in the letter, “it appears that this photo has been manipulated and doctored by computer software.”

Well, manipulated and doctored can mean one of two things.  Either the pics are fake. (But if so why all the broo-haa-haa), or hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Jesse’s naughty bit’s have been reduced through the magic of photoshop thus giving him the title. “Princess Tiny Meat”

I am sure either way we will find out soon enough!

What do you think?

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