It’s Baaaaaaack. James Dobson To Return To The Anti-Gay Hate Industry

Homo hater and religious zealot Dr James (Douchebag) Dobson is not yet ready to give up his campaign against us gays just yet it seems.

Dobson who resigned as President of Focus on the Family late last year, (And whose psychological and therapeutic approaches are not supported by the American Psychological Association or any other major psychological or psychiatric association.) announced that he is launching a rival organization and radio show because ““the institution of the family continues to be in deplorable condition, and children are growing up in a culture that often twists and warps their young minds.”

Religion historian Randall Balmer told the Colorado Springs Gazette he thought Dobson was setting up the parallel organization because he wanted to “pass the mantle on to his son.” A divorce in 2001 reportedly ruled out Ryan from working for Focus on the Family. ) But I suppose it could also be that he misses all the publicity and extra revenue he earned promoting his hateful and dangerous books and publications.



What do you think?

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